The Popess

Powers and Abilities


  • Temporal micro-manipulation: Though unknown how she obtained the ability, The Popess was able to control time in her immediate vicinity. By extending her hand at the target, the Popess could reverse the flow of time around energy attacks, launching them back at the attackers, though it seemed to take a short period to complete the process and likewise proved more difficult against multiple targets at once. She could also freeze the motion of her opponents and reverse their momentum. Smaller targets like bullets required no usage of hand gestures to repel, making her bulletproof as long as she is aware and alert. With direct contact on her target, she could physically repel and overpower them, usually by sending them flying though the air, allowing her to simulate inhuman strength. Even if not able to repel the attack, her powers could minimize the damage, only to remain unharmed. Only when caught off-guard, or distracted, or in pain, her powers nullified, leaving her vulnerable to all attacks.
  • Invulnerability: Popess's abilities allow her to be invincible and invulnerable as long as she is conscious and aware, resulting in her being bulletproof, immune to human strength, surviving falls from several stories, and be unscathed from numerous energy attacks. While bullets would bounce off her, energy attacks would be able to physically repel her if she was hit, though she would still not be harmed. Only when she was distracted and in pain did her powers weaken enough for her to be destroyed .


  • Master assassin: The Popess was highly skilled in taking out her targets. Recognized as the Time Masters' top and most deadly operative, she was reserved as a last resort to take down time criminals.
  • Expert-hand-to-hand combatant: While normally going after her targets deep in the past where they would pose little trouble, she was very confident in close-quarters combat. Against Malcolm Merlyn, a former high-ranking member of the League of Assassins. The Popess held her own, fighting evenly against the fellow assassin.


  • Energy gun: The Popess carries an energy gun as her sidearm. This weapon fires green bolts. During her fight with Sara she also used the weapon at close range as a blunt instrument.

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