Jasper Merlyn



Occupation Second-in-command of The Hidden
Status Alive
Family Lourdes (mother)

Malcolm Merlyn (father; estranged)
Nyssa al Ghul (maternal half-sister)
Tommy Merlyn (paternal half-brother; deceased)
Thea Queen (paternal half-sister)
Maddox King (step-brother)
Jasper King (grandfather)

Actor Colin Morgan

Saracon is a member of The Hidden, the son of Lourdes and Malcolm Merlyn, half-brother of Nyssa al Ghul, Tommy Merlyn and Thea Queen, step-brother and rival of Maddox King.


Early lifeEdit

When his mother, Lourdes, was on a mission for The Hidden, Saracon was bitten by twin snow leopards, seemingly giving him the ability of inter-species telepathy. At the age of three, he could control the horses of the League of Assassins and by seven he could control birds. At ten years old, The Hidden finally rescued him and his mother.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


  • Inter-species telepathy: Saracon was gifted the ability to communicate with animals, specifically also bats, horses and birds, calling them to his aid when necessary. He claimed it to be a gift from the gods, having been bitten by snow leopards.

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