The Queen family celebrate Christmas

The Queen family as of December 2012.

The Queen family was a prominent, wealthy family that primarily lives in Star City. They did all live in the Queen Mansion, and the family co-owned Queen Consolidated. They were possibly the wealthiest and the most powerful family in Star City; however, due to Moira's involvement with the Undertaking, the family lost most, if not all, of their influence in Star City. The Queen family's reputation had been repaired to the point where Moira ran for mayor. The Queen family no longer has control of Queen Consolidated (now Palmer Technologies), but they recovered the company, when Maddox King bought back Palmer Technologies, and renamed in Queen Phoenix Inc. . Nyssa became a new member through her marriage to Oliver. In 2016, Oliver learns that he has a son named William with Samantha Clayton.

Known family members Edit

Earth OneEdit

  • Robert Queen (Moira's husband, Oliver's father, Thea's step-father, William's grandfather)
  • Moira Queen (Robert's wife, Oliver's and Thea's mother, William's grandmother)
  • Walter Steele (Moira's ex-husband, Oliver and Thea's ex-step-father)
  • Oliver Queen (Moira and Robert's son, Thea's half-brother, Nyssa's husband, William's father)
  • Nyssa al Ghul (Oliver's wife)
  • Thea Queen (Moira's daughter, Robert's step-daughter, Oliver's half-sister, William's aunt)
  • Maddox King (Oliver's illegitimate son, Moira's and Robert's grandson, Thea's nephew, Diana's husband, Lara's and Jason's father)
  • Diana of Themyscira (Maddox's wife, Lara's and Jason's mother)
  • Lara Prince (Diana and Maddox's son, Oliver's grandson, William's nephew)
  • Jason King (Diana and Maddox's son, Oliver's grandson, William's nephew)
  • William (Oliver's illegitimate son, Moira's and Robert's grandson, Thea's nephew)

Earth TwoEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Each member of this family was affected by Malcolm Merlyn.
    • Malcolm tried to kill Robert and Oliver by sabotaging the Queen's Gambit.
    • Malcolm threatened Moira in his plans by threatening her family.
    • Malcolm kidnapped Walter and held him hostage for months.
    • Malcolm drugged Thea into killing Sara Lance and she learned Malcolm was responsible.
    • Nyssa lost Sara when Malcolm used Thea to kill her.
    • Malcolm kidnapped William and handed him over to Damien Darhk.
    • Malcolm became, during few weeks after his birth, the foster father of Maddox King
    • Malcolm'son Saracon try to kill Lara and Jason