The Time Team
Base of operations The Timejumper
Aim(s) Find Rip Hunter's location in History
Protecting the timeline
Leader(s) Miranda Coburn

The Time Team are a team of individuals who operate to protect the timeline after the destruction of the Time Masters. They were initially recruited by Miranda Coburn, each possessing a particular set of useful skills/abilities, while also having a minimal effect on the recorded timeline, in an effort to protect the timeline as a former Time Master. The team, dubbing themselves the Time Team, then engaged on adventures to cleanse the timeline from the effects of aberrations.


After she was resurrected, with her son Jonah Hunter, Maddox told to her, whatever her husband did for her and their son, he also gave her his concern about the position in time and space of Rip Hunter after the time scatter. He proposed him to get a team of man and woman to help her find her husband and protect the timeline of the aberrations.

Known membersEdit

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