Occupation Leader of The Hidden
Status Deceased
Family Saracon (son)
Nyssa al Ghul (daughter)
Maddox King (step-son)
Talia al Ghul (step-daughter)
Code name Hidden Mother
Actor Eva Green

Lourdes also known as Amina Raatko was the leader of The Hidden, the former concubine of Ra's al Ghul and the mother of Saracon and Nyssa al Ghul.


Early missions with The HiddenEdit

As part of The Hidden, Ibadan sent Lourdes to London in order to steal a map from a wealthy collector to a hidden Ashkiri temple.

In 1985, while in the Hindu Kush mountains, Lourdes made love to Arthur King, despite being betrothed to another man. That night, while Arthur went on a mission with Darius, Lourdes trained with Ibadan, with him remarking on how fast she learnt. She was questioned on what she thought of Arthur, but she merely expressed her trust solely in Ibadan. She attempted to reach Arthur and Darius via radio, but they didn't reply due to an incoming sandstorm. Instead, she used binoculars to try to find them. Noticing members of the League of Assassins, she decided to go after them on horseback. She discovered Darius and Arthur's tracks, following them. Lourdes eventually found the two men, surprising them. They split paths, with Arthur and Lourdes taking the high path. They quickly discovered that the markers for the Ashkiri temple they had been searching for were in fact the mountain itself, deciding to return to base camp to tell Ibadan of their knowledge. Back at camp, after alerting Ibadan, Lourdes helped Darius to pack explosives for their impending trip. She soon returned, acknowledging that they were to permanently seal the Ashkiri temple. She and Arthur left, before being caught in the explosion of their vehicle.

Giving birth to her kidsEdit

In 1985, after Malcolm left her to die in Hindu Kush Mountains Darius and Ra's al Ghul saved her from Ashkri gods, although the beasts managed to kill Darius, due to the need of sacrifice. She then became Ra's al Ghul's concubine.

Lourdes gave birth to a son, Saracon, and when he was ten years old they were finally rescued by The Hidden. Lourdes began leading The Hidden along with Saracon