Louis Carnegie



Full Name DJ at Pandemonium
Louis Andrew Carnegie
Occupation Grey hat hacker
Vigilante (in secret)
Status Alive
Alter ego DedSec

Abilities Edit

  • Athletic Skills: Louis has so far shown himself to be a profound athlete, especially in the areas of parkour and combat. In comparison to Harry Rochev, he is more adept at more advanced and high speed parkour moves.
  • Combat Skills: Louis is able to utilize a special melee weapon with remarkable speed and strength in takedowns of basic hand-to-hand combat. Louis also shows an expertise with weaponry and marksmanship. He also has strong senses & honed reflexes. In comparison to Harry Rochev, he is also used to strong fist fighting, instead of strictly relying on his melee weapon.
  • High Intelligence: He has been described for having a gift for hacking. He is also an exceptional strategist, finding many opportunities in any given scenario, ranging from direct assault to stealth ops to usage of drones.
    • Crafting: He was also capable of creating ballistic or non-lethal weapons from 3-D printers and has made homemade weapons that he learnt from the internet. He was also able to manufacture drones, each possessing unique qualities.
    • Hacking Skills: Louis has shown to have an advanced aptitude for hacking, being able to manipulate cars, cell phones, and basically any machinery within his surroundings.
    • C1T7.CON 2.0 Manipulation: Like any powerful hacker, he can also gain access to the C1T7.CON system and can manipulate its functions accordingly. His capabilities are far more advanced than the ones used by Harry Rochev, likely due to him having control over an advanced variant of C1T7.CON.