Lara Prince
Full Name Lara King-Prince (human name)
Lara of Themyscira (Amazon name)
Occupation Warrior in Themyscira Army
Co-Leader of Wonder Twins
Member of Justice League of America
Vigilante (in secret)
Ally of Night Warriors (in secret)
Ally of Team Arrow (in secret)
Ally of Team Flash (in secret)
Family Maddox King (father)
Diana Prince (mother)
Jason King-Prince (twin brother)
Hippolyta (maternal grandmother)
Laurel Lance (paternal grandmother)
Oliver Queen (paternal grandfather)
Amara Kor-El (paternal adoptive/genetic grandmother)
Kor-El (paternal adoptive/genetic grandfather)
Ra's al Ghul (foster grandfather)
William Clayton (uncle)
Nyssa al Ghul (foster aunt)
Code name Amazon Twin Warriors (whith her brother Jason)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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