Kyle Kord

Kyle Kord


Occupation Scientist
CEO of K.O.R.D. Industries
Vigilante (in secret)
Status Alive
Family Theodore Kord (father)
Delilah Kord (mother)
Alter ego Blue Beetle

Kyle Eugene Kord (born August 31st, 1990) is the son of millionaire Theodore Kord and his wife, Delilah. He is currently the CEO of K.O.R.D. Industries, and is one of its top leading scientists. He used the alien technology that the company had been experimenting with, becoming the vigilante known as the Blue Beetle and seeking justice on John Nichols, who was behind the death of his father.


Early Life

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Powers and Abilities


  • Genius level intellect: Kyle is very intelligent and innovative and those qualities led him to survive many of his encounters with criminals.
  • Engineering: Since he was young, Kyle excelled at mechanics, and learned a lot from his father. As a vigilante, he has used this ability to make numerous weapons to help him fight crime and protect the people of Starling City.
  • Computer Skills: While he was attending college, Kyle became very adept at computers and has even used this skill multiple times during his time as a vigilante.
  • Hand-to-hand Combat Kyle has some experience in unarmed combat.


  • Blue Beetle Scarab: The Blue Scarab project was a secret project being worked on by Theodore Kord of K.O.R.D. Industries up until his mysterious death. It is a suit of armor made from alien technology found in Egypt during the late 70's. Eventually, it fell into the hands of Kord's son, and he began using the armor to fight crime.