Kayla Harper
Occupation Member of Miranda Coburn's Team
Status Alive.
Family Roy Harper (brother)
Alter ego Shakti
Code name Anansi

Powers and abilities


  • Prajāpati Totem : Like Mari McCabe's powers come from Anansi Totem Necklace, her powers come from her Prajāpati Totem Necklace, which allow him to harness the life force of animals, in essence harnessing their abilities. Since accessing its power, the necklaces has bonded with him, preventing it from being removed from her neck.
    • Superhuman speed: Through the spirit of the cheetah, she becomes incredibly fast, so fast that even Maddox King (moving at Mach 1) had a hard time catching him.
    • Superhuman strength: Through the spirit of the elephant, gorilla, lion, or rhinoceros. She becomes incredibly strong. She was able to tip over whole water towers and crumble one of The Arrow's arrows in his hand. The strength she demonstrated proved great enough to challenge Daniel Palmer's telekinetic power, as she struggled considerably to just barely repel him.
    • Superhuman agility: Through the spirit of the tiger, She becomes incredibly agile, able to leap great distances, and preform incredible acrobatic feats.
    • Camouflage: Through the spirit of the chameleon, she becomes essentially invisible, being able to blend herself in with her surroundings.
    • Wall climbing: Kayla can gain the wall crawling abilities of a spider, defying gravity.
    • Flight: Kayla can access the spirit of the eagle, gaining the ability to fly. Originally she was fearful to use this new ability due to a fear of heights, but she later overcame the fear after falling from a building and flying.
    • Superhuman smelling: Through the spirit of the wolf, Kayla can lock onto a target's scent, by first getting a sample of it. From this, She can determine if the target is within a wide area and likewise track the target down.
    • Superhuman hearing: Through the spirit of the owl, Kayla has very acute ears, able to hear quite conversations from great distances.

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