January "June" Bloom



Full Name January "June" Adele Bloom
January "June" Adele Nelson (birth name)
Occupation Curator at National City Museum of Antiquities
Vigilante (in secret)
Member of Team Sovereign (in secret)
Status Alive
Family Alexander Nelson (ancestor, deceased)
Michael Nelson (great grandfather, deceased)
Nicholas Nelson (grandfather, deceased)
Daniel Nelson (father, deceased)
Kent Nelson (father, deceased)
Justin Nelson (brother)
Alter ego The Enchanterress
Code name Hērā Hekátē (as a New Olympians)
Badass Sorceress (by his brother)
The Enchanterress

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Control of Mystical Energy: Enchantress is a fearsome inter-dimensional mystical being, with her and her brother Incubus having been worshiped in the past as gods, and Amanda Waller claims that Enchantress and her brother are the most powerful metahumans that she has ever come across, with Enchantress nearly overpowering the combined might of the Suicide Squad single-handedly. Despite having been worshiped as a god by the ancient Pre-Columbian Maya and Incas, however, Enchantress is notably not quite as powerful as an actual Olympian God.
    • Superhuman Strength: Enchantress, while not as physically strong as her brother Incubus, still has a degree of superhuman strength (roughly equal to that of Killer Croc), allowing her to battle the entire Suicide Squad at once, knocking her opponents back with her powerful blows.
    • Superhuman Durability: Enchantress is superhumanly durable, being unfazed by a mighty blow from Harley Quinn's baseball bat, many bullets of Deadshot, and even the superhumanly strong attacks of Killer Croc. However, Harley was notably able to cut Enchantress' chest open with Soultaker, and she was considerably weakened after standing in close proximity to her exploded mystical superweapon.
    • Transformation: June Moone, due to being possessed by a witch, can willingly switch between her normal form and her demonic form of Enchantress, doing so every time June says the word "Enchantress".
    • Teleportation: Enchantress is able to teleport herself over both short and tremendously long distances in seconds, and upon Amanda Waller's order, was able to teleport to a secret weapons vault in Tehran, Iran, and steal a top-secret binder and teleport back to Waller's board room, all within mere seconds.
    • Resurrection: Enchantress, when attempting to persuade Harley Quinn to join her, claims that in exchange she will resurrect her lover Joker (who was presumed to be dead) back to life.
    • Telepathy: Enchantress can sense nearby minds and implant visions of alternate events into humans near her, thus convincing Deadshot that he defeated and killed Batman (instead of Batman actually defeating and arresting him), convincing Harley Quinn that she and the Joker were a happily married couple with 2 children (instead of being forcibly separated), and convincing El Diablo that his wife and children were still alive and a happy family (instead of him having accidentally killed them in a fit of rage). However, a person with exceptionally strong willpower and mental fortitude can overcome this enthralling telepathy, with El Diablo thus breaking free, and continuing his attack against the mystical siblings. Her abilities also failed to influence Deadshot when she projected an illusion of his daughter, Zoe Lawton in front of him, telling him to stop fighting Enchantress.
    • Telekinesis: Enchantress was able to telekinetically disarm the Suicide Squad members of their weapons with a single hand gesture, as she was annoyed by the teams persistence to fight her.
    • Electrokinesis: Is able to generate electric currents, and also can absorb the electricity.
    • Weather Manipulation: Is able to control the actions of the atmosphere, being able to produce lightnings, thunders, rains, snows, storms and so on.
    • Intangibility: Enchantress can somewhat phase herself through solid objects, as she notably ambushed Gerard Davis while herself seemingly within a mirror, and stretching out her (re-solidified) hands from the mirror for attack.
    • Superhuman Longevity: Enchantress, much like an Olympian God, is capable of living for millennia, being 6,373 years old (thus being born roughly a millennia prior to the War of the Gods) by the time she is finally killed, by Rick Flag.


  • Gifted Intelligence: Enchantress is exceptionally intelligent, given her tremendously long lifespan, with her notably being smarter than her brother Incubus, and her intellect extending to her tactical and deceptive skills, though Enchantress' immense arrogance and God complex occasionally cloud her judgement.
    • Expert Tactician: Enchantress is quite adept at using cunning and planning to outwit her enemies. After June Moone accidentally transforms into the Enchantress during her sleep while in Midway City, she teleports away and releases the spirit of her brother Incubus, as a long-term plan to escape from Amanda Waller's captivity. Hence, after releasing him, she tells Incubus to wait and build up his powers. When her brother starts wreaking havoc, Waller (unaware of Incubus being her brother) sends Enchantress to stop him, which gives her the perfect opportunity to escape and betray Waller and the Suicide Squad and join her brother, who saved her when Waller tried to kill Enchantress (by damaging her heart). However, Enchantress' arrogance and superiority complex occasionally make her tactics imperfect, which is what allowed Harley Quinn to ultimately trick and undermine her.
    • Bilingual: Enchantress speaks her native ancient language while addressing her brother Incubus, and can also fluently speak English.
  • Master Combatant: Enchantress is an extremely skilled armed and hand-to-hand combatant (most likely having centuries of combat experience), though preferring to battle with the help of 2 long daggers. Her skill was such, that she swiftly overpowered the combined might of Rick Flag, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn, and even the immensely formidable samurai warrior Katana was only able to hold her own against Enchantress for a limited time, though that might have been primarily due to the latter's superior strength, coupled with her rapid teleportation every so often (to avoid Katana's sword slashes).