Josh Grayson



Occupation Owner of the Night Refuge
85% shareholder of Grayson International
Bartender at CC Jitters (formerly)
Vigilante (in secret)
Leader of Night Warriors
Ally of Team Arrow (in secret)
Ally of Team Flash (in secret)
Status Alive
Family Daniel Palmer (biological twin brother, separated at birth)
Malcolm Merlyn (biological father)
Rebecca Merlyn (biological mother, deceased)
Tommy Merlyn (biological brother, deceased)
Thea Queen (biological half-sister)
Dominic Grayson (adoptive father, deceased)
Victoria Grayson (adoptive mother, deceased)
Maddox King (boyfriend)
Actor Steven R. McQueen
Alter ego Nightwing

Josh Grayson, born Nicholas Edward Merlyn, is the biological son of Malcolm Merlyn and Rebecca Merlyn, the biological brother of Tommy Merlyn and twin of Daniel Palmer. After the death of his parents in a plane crash, he inherited 85% of the shares of Grayson International, but he didn't want to be the new CEO, he offered the job to Emily, Victoria's daughter, from his first marriage, who was raised like Dominic and Victoria's daughter. He is also the owner of the nightclub, Night Refuge, whose is a cover to Josh's vigilante activities.

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