Queen Hippolyta
Occupation Queen of Themyscira
Status Alive
Family Ares (father)
Former Amazon Queen (mother)
Antiope (sister)
Menalippe (sister)
Diana of Themyscira (daughter)
Lara King-Prince (granddaughter)
Jason King-Prince(grandson)
Maddox King(son-in-law)


Queen Hippolyta is a strikingly beautiful Amazonian woman: standing tall at six-feet like her daughter, with tan skin, blue green eyes, naturally long flowing blonde hair, and an athletic physique.

Dressed in her royal attire, Hippolyta wears a brown leather top that covers most of her upper body to her neck, there is a cutout of a Eagle (the symbol of her lover Zeus) where her breastplate would go while wearing her battle armor. A matching brown and silver belt plate in both of her attires. Below is a brown leather loincloth along with long brown slit gown. Hippolyta also wears a very long cloak that has fur along her shoulders and back, the cloak drags behind her as she walks.

Dressed in her battle armor, Hippolyta's armor is similar to her royal attire but it's design matches Diana's. her colors are more brown and gold. Her top goes up to her neck and has shoulder armor on both her shoulders. She bears the gold eagle on her breastplate, like Diana but with greater detail added to it. On her head is her gold crown, and finally on her wrists are her gold Bracelets of Submission.


As an Amazon, Hippolyta has numerous natural abilities supposedly granted to them by the Gods of Olympus:


  •  Limited Vunerability: Although Queen Hippolyta has nigh-invulnerability, this is only to blunt objects or blunt force trauma, such as a powerful blow from a super-strong opponent. Sharp objects, such as knives and bullets can pierce her skin like they would any other human's, which is why her combat armor and bulletproof bracelets are such crucial parts of the Amazon's weaponry.


  • Bracelets of Submission:  two specialized incredibly durable gauntlets that all Amazon's wear, in order to compensate for their vulnerability to sharp objects and bullets.
  • Hippolyta's Sword:  a magical Amazonian sword that Hippolyta wields in battle. Due to its nature, it is one of the few weapons that can actually injure the otherwise invulnerable Maddox King
  • Hippolyta's Shield - a magical Amazonian shield that Hippolyta uses to protect herself from other weapons and energy blasts (in tandem with her bracelets). It is virtually indestructible, capable of deflecting even a tremendously powerful energy attack.
  • Hippolyta's Armor - Amazonian armor given to her by the Gods of Olympus when she was old enough to protect and reign on Themyscira.

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