Evelyn "Evie" Bloomfield



Full Name Evelyn "Evie" Jane Bloomfield (marital/widow name)
Evelyn "Evie" Jane Nelson
Occupation Director of the Bloomfield Clinic
Vigilante (in secret)
Member of Team Hurricane (in secret)
Status Alive
Family Hippolyta (maternal ancestor)
Alexander Nelson (ancestor, deceased)
Michael Nelson (great grandfather, deceased)
Nicholas Nelson (grandfather, deceased)
Daniel Nelson (father, deceased)
Kent Nelson (father, deceased)
Justin Nelson (nephew)
Actor Angelina Jolie
Alter ego The Enchanterress
Code name Badass Sorceress (by his nephew)
The Enchanterress

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Powerful Magic: Evie is one of the most powerful sorcerer. When she uses her magical powers to do something harmless, her powers' color is yellow and when she uses her magical powers to do something harmful, her powers' color is green.
    • Gold Color:
      • Telekinesis: Evie can manipulate things (objects, people, animals, etc) with her mind/magical powers. For example, when Evie is a young girl, she has two dolls dance together while floating in the air.
      • Atmokinesis: Evie can control and manipulate weather. An example of the ability is when she creates a downpour in the Verdant,a joke to supposedly help Cassie to clean.
      • Metamorphosis: Evie can magically transform others'(objects, people, animals, etc) shape and form. She also constantly transforms his oldest pet/friend Diaval into many different forms (such as raven form, human form, wolf form, horse form and dragon form). When she become her Alter ego Maleficent, she look like a dark fary, with wings, horns, elf-like ears, protruding cheekbones and eyes who seem not quite human.
      • Terrakinesis: As a child, Evie discovers a broken tree branch in her home and closes her fingers around it and it magically heals.
      • Spell Casting: Evie possesses the ability to cast spells. She places Ashton into a sleeping trance, which causes them to fall into a deep sleep and their unconscious bodies to levitate in the air.
      • Healing: Evie possesses the ability to heal things(objects, people, animals), she can heal any wound and injure.
      • Telepathy/Clairvoyance: Evie possesses the ability to read and sense the mind and presence of others, as well as project and broadcast thoughts into others. Also can gain knowledge of things(objects, people and animals).
      • hypnosis: Evie possesses the ability to manipulate the mind of others.
    • Green Color:
      • Telekinesis: Evie also had this ability with the green color. For example, she threw the Pixies away, making them fall inside of a box. She also used this to throw Stefan's soldiers around.
      • Teleportation: Evie can teleport herself and others.
      • Atmokinesis: (Evie also had this ability with the gold color.) When Evie realized that Damien Darhk cheated her, she caused a strong thunderstorm.
      • Chlorokinesis: during a battle in purpose of protecting his friends, Evie used her magic to create a large Wall of Thorns. When his opponents attempted to destroy the Wall of Thorns, she magically controlled the thorns and defeated them.
      • Geokinesis: When walking back to mores in anger, she was walking through a passage with walls of rocks that was dismantling when she walks by.

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