Dan Snart

Dan Snart

Winter Soldier

Full Name Daniel "Dan" Robert Snart
Species Meta-human
Nationality American
Status Alive
Family Lee Snart (older brother)
Alexandre Snart (brother-in-law)
Caitlin Raymond (twin sister)
Ronnie Raymond (brother-in-law)
Alter ego Winter Soldier
Code name Gustav(given by Maddox)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Cryokinesis/Cryogenesis - Winter Soldier possesses the ability to manipulate and generate both cold and ice from his body. He used this ability to freeze various things as well as project ice from his hands. The ice he generates is can be brittle like glass or hard like stone. He can also shoot freezing cold, coolant-like gas or aura from his body that can cause ice to form on whatever it comes into contact with it. With his power over cold, he can reduce temperature to freezing points, to the point where he could turn a ball of fire Solar created into a ball of brittle ice.
    • Hydrokinesis - Winter Soldier can manipulate Water molecules or moisture to freeze his surroundings. Winter Soldier can convert water to and from the three states of matter. Due to the vast amount of water and moisture available on Earth, Winter Soldier's only limit is his mental and physical capacity.
      • Ice Sliding - Winter Soldier is capable of making ramps and slides of solid ice, that he can travel on at great speeds.
      • Ice Wall Generation - Winter Soldier is capable of creating walls of solid ice, that he can use to protect himself and others.
    • Ice Exoskeleton/Ice Mimicry - Towards the end of the third film, his latent mutation was triggered and allowed him to turn his body into an organic, rock-solid ice form. In this form, he is actually made of solid ice.
      • Enhanced Strength - Winter Soldier possesses a limited degree of superhuman strength, though the limits are only dependant on the density of his organic ice form. His strength is enough to overpower those lacking super strength.
      • Superhuman Durability - He headbutted Heatwave without being damaged and he survived a few seconds of being surrounded in fire without melting.


  • Extreme Force - Being hit hard enough in his ice form can injury him, or even shatter him if he completely turns to ice.
  • Extreme Heat - His ice form is vulnerable towards fire and extreme heat.