"Ra's al Ghul"
Ra's al Ghul
Occupation Leader of the League of Assassins (formerly)
Status Deceased
Family Talia al Ghul (daughter)
Nyssa al Ghul (daughter)
Helen Magnus (concubine)
Lourdes (concubine)
Amara King (concubine; deceased)
Maddox King (foster son)
Ashton Duke (foster son)
Unnamed (son; deceased)
Unnamed (wife; deceased)
Unnamed (daughter; deceased)
"You should take pride. You survived longer than most. Don't be afraid, my son. Death comes for us all. We can only evade it so long. Consider this an honorable exit."
—Ra's al Ghul to Oliver Queen

"Ra's al Ghul" (Arabic: رأس الغول‎ Raʾs al-Ġūl; The Demon's Head; before 1854—May 13, 2015) was the title of an otherwise unidentified man who was the leader of the League of Assassins. He had inherited the title from a predecessor. He was also the husband of a late unnamed woman, the father of a late unnamed boy, a late unnamed girl, and Nyssa al Ghul, the former mentor/father-in-law of Oliver Queen, and the ex-best friend/nemesis of Damien Darhk. During his life he had been married one time but he had got many concubines, like Helen Magnus, Talia's mother, Lourdes, Amara King,

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